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How we work 

Generational Wealth Group creates and implements innovative, life insurance solutions for successful families and entrepreneurs that optimize intergenerational wealth and legacy.

Generational Wealth Group collaborates with our client's existing advisory team often involving their accountants, financial planners and lawyers.  When clients partner with Generational Wealth Group they are assigned a team of professionals comprised of Insurance professionals, Tax specialists and Actuaries who will work with the client and advisors to understand their insurance requirements.


We analyze the best products and strategies to address identified needs and situations.  We select the right product or combination of products, with the optimal financing arrangement and determine how the insurance should be placed within the corporate structure or personal holdings to optimize wealth accumulation, estate planning and tax efficiency.

Our Process

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Learn the facts about you're situation.

Often involving collaboration with your accountants, financial planners, wealth advisors and lawyers.

Review needs of your business and family to develop a tailored insurance strategy

We perform an in-depth analysis of potential solutions and how they are projected to impact your business, your wealth and your family

Demonstrate in real numbers the improved efficiencies our plan will have on your taxes, estate value and capital growth

In coordination with you, your advisors and physician.  We ensure all information is collected and underwriting requirements are

We work with our underwriting partners to ensure the best possible offer is made in the shortest amount of time

Update existing advisory team, Wills & POA, Corp documents

Our commitment continues beyond implementation

Circumstances change - tax laws, business changes, families evolve and new opportunities emerge

Regular reviews ensure plans are up to date and deliver the intended results

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