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Areas of focus

Tax mitigation strategies

Generational Wealth Group collaborates with our client's existing advisory team, often involving your accountant's financial planners and lawyers to ensure our tax strategies improve your legacy and financial position.  When clients partner with Generational Wealth Group, they are assigned a team of professionals comprised of Insurance professionals, accountants and actuarial-trained resources who will work with the client and advisors to understand their insurance and tax planning requirements. 


Estate Planning

Successful plans require collaboration among professional advisors, family members and other experts when building the structures and strategies underpinning your legacy.  

Our 6-step process helps families plan for generations to come.

Family Insurance Planning

The essence of our partnership is trust.  We believe you have trust or don’t; there’s no in-between.  We value our client partnerships as these relationships allow us to do something valuable; in return, this gives our business purpose.

We provide customized, sophisticated insurance strategies for high-net-worth individuals and their families. Our specialized focus and strategic alliances with insurance companies enable us to channel our resources and provide experienced insight and guidance.

Philanthropic Planning

You can help your favourite causes while reducing your taxes.
Our clients prefer to leave less to the tax department and more for their families and charity.
It’s a win-win

Key Person Insurance

Key-person insurance is a life insurance policy a company buys on the life of a shareholder/employee that is critical to the success of the business.  Key-person insurance is needed if the death, injury or illness would have a negative financial impact on the business.  

Buy/Sell Insurance

The primary purpose of a buy-sell agreement is to maintain ownership and operations within the existing management/ownership group; avoid interference from the exiting owner’s family; provide liquidity to pay estate taxes/retirement; avoid disputes with the exiting owner’s family regarding succession and value, and provide for a smooth transition to the next generation.

Employee Benefits

We strategically partner with founders and operators to plan, execute and manage employee benefits.  Understanding your business roadmap through a collaborative, transparent relationship will lead to our success.

  • Health & Wellness Accounts

  • Group RRSP, TFSA, DPSP, Pension Plans

  • Group Health & Dental

  • Group Critical Illness

  • Progressive Mental Health Platforms

  • Simplified plan administrative tech


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